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Veliko Tarnovo district – Nature

Momin Skok Waterfall is anatural landmark declared in 1965 on an area of 20 hectares. It is situated in the region of Mihaltzi village, Pavlikeni municipality, Veliko Tarnovo region.

Kapinovski Waterfall is in Velchevo village, Veliko Tarnovo municipality, Veliko Tarnovo region. It is a natural landmark from 1965 on an area of...

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Pleven district – Nature

Belene Island (Persin) is the largest island in the Danube River. It is situated North of the town of Belene and its composition is from alluvial sediments. It has an area of 41.078 sq m, 14 km long and 4.8 km wide. There are willows, poplars and aspen on the island. Where the...

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Lovech district – Nature

Parnika is a territory with characteristic landscape and position - the village of Bezhanovo, Lukovit municipality, Lovech region. It was declared protected territory in 2003 on an area of 40 hectares.

Petko Bunar, Goletz village, Ugarchin municipality, Lovech region is a protected territory aiming preservation of its specific characteristics and landscape. It...

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Gabrovo district – Nature

Lagat is a century-old oak forest and a deposit of juniper in the region of Batoshevo village, Sevlievo municipality, Gabrovo region. It was declared protected territory in 2002 on an area of 90 hectares.

Lyulyatzite is a beech forest situated in the village of Tranito, Gabrovo region, Gabrovo municipality. It was included...

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