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The resort of Panichishte is located in the northwest part of Rila, about 10 kilometers from the town of Sapareva Banya and about 80 kilometers from Sofia. Panichishte is situated at about...

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The municipality of Strumyani, by virtue of its territorial manufacturing, territorial servicing functions and the level of building of the network to the populated places, is a forming and open municipality. The center of the system is the village of Strumyani. The territory of the municipality covers the eastern slopes of Malashevska mountain, the...

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Old Pomorian Houses – Architectural Reservation – town of Pomorie

The reservation Old Pomorian Houses is situated close to the sea shore, in the east end of the old part of Pomorie and presents the architecture and the typical elements of the seashore houses.

The buildings in the reservation were built in the 19th century. The typical Pomorian house, which the tourists...

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Lake Bourgas

Lake Burgas lies in the heart of Burgas, between two of its housing estates: Gorno Ezerovo and Dolno Ezerovo.

It is also called Lake Vaya. This is the biggest natural lake in Bulgaria, stretching over an area of 2,899.9 hectares.

Vaya was declared a protected area by virtue of Ordinance No...

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