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Do you know where on Earth are the most fertile areas?

  After 20 years of research National Geographic has proved that fertile areas cover 5% of the total world territory. The other 2% of lands of highest quality are scattered across the world  like tiny dewdrops. Bulgaria possesses three of five per cent of world's-top-of-the-quality degree of land fertility. Close your eyes and just try to picture the proportions...
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Do you know who Pepe Bulgaro is?

Bulgaro is a descendant of Samuel's state Bulgarians and the founder of the Civil Law faculty. The chapel ‘S.Maria dei Bulgari’ ,still in existence today is built on the grounds of a territory that used to be owned by the faculty. Pepe Bulgaro moved people's hearts with his inspirational words.  In some time  people renamed the the...
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Do you know who Anna Akhmatova is?

After the death of Khan Kubrat, his five sons divided the people of Great Bulgaria. The eldest son Bayan stays on the territory of Great Bulgaria , Kotrag heads north along the river Volga, Asparuh heads south but Kuber and Alcek head west. Following the Volga River to the north, khan Kotrag reaches its left tributary...
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