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The city of Sofia

The city of Sofia is the center of the Southwestern region and the capital of Bulgaria. Administratively Sofia District is divided into 24 municipalities. The city of Sofia has a population of 1 286 383 inhabitants. Sofia is located in the Sofia field at an altitude of 550 m at the foot of...

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Sofia district – Cities

The town of Koprivshtitsa lies at the very Sredna Gora Mountain at an altitude of 1 060 m along both banks of the Topolnitza River. The town lies at a distance of 110 km east of Sofia and is a separate municipality. Koprivshtitsa was proclaimed for a town-museum in...
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Pernik district – Cities

The town of Pernik is the centre of Pernik District and has a population of about 83 000 inhabitants. Pernik is located 30 km southwest of Sofia. The town is a municipal center with 23 component settlements. It is located along both banks of the Struma river in the Pernik-Breznik valley...

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Kyustendil district – Cities

The town of Kyustendil is the center of the Kyustendil District with a population of 48 000 inhabitants. The town is located 88 km southwest of Sofia. It is the municipal center of 71 settlements. It is located at the foot of Osogovo Mountain at a valley 525 m above sea...

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