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The Sokolovo monastery

The Sokolovo Monastery is situated along the northern slopes of the Stara Planina. In 1833 Yosif Sokolski together with the hierarch-monk Agapii restored this ancient monastery. The monastery's complex is spread at two different levels separated from one another. The builder of the monastery skillfully used the terrain characteristics and built...

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The Rila monastery

The Rila Monastery is situated in the western part of Rila Mountain at a height of 1147 meters. The beautiful mountain hosted its founder and given the name of the monastery. The monastery was founded in X c. by the Bulgarian hermit-monk Ivan Rilski as a modest sacred place. Soon afterwards...

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The Batoshevo Monastery

The Batoshevo Monastery lies at a distance of 20 km southwest of Sevlievo in a beautiful mountainous site. A stone inscription, preserved at the National Archaeology Museum tells that the founder of the monastery was the Bulgarian patriarch king Mihail-Asen (1248-1258). Like the other monasteries around Veliko Tarnovo at the time...

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The Bachkovo monastery “Saint Bogoroditza Petrichka”

The Bachkovo Monastery "Saint Bogoroditza Petrichka" is situated near the village of Bachkovo, Asenovgrad Region. The Monastery is among the oldest monasteries on the Balkan Peninsula which has combined three cultures - the Byzantine, the Old Georgian and the Bulgarian cultures. The preserved unique architectural and artistic monuments are precious for...

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