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Short History

"In the history of civilizations as in the history of mankind, childhood is the decisive factor" - Jacques Le Golf  - a French historian

The territory of Bulgaria has been inhabited since antiquity, as the country’s many ancient settlements and burial mounds attest. Present-day Bulgaria was a cradle of some of the...

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Flora and Fauna

Bulgaria is the second most biologically diverse nation in Europe. There are more than 12,360 plant species, 4,132 of which are vascular plants species according to Bulgarian Synopsis (2012). Of these, 808 are included in the Red Book of Bulgaria (2015), which lists rare or endangered species of plants and mushrooms. About 750...

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SPA resorts

The healing power of mineral springs has been recognized since the time of the Thracians, who were renowned as healers. “The Holy Springs of Thrace” were famous throughout the Roman Empire. Few countries in Europe can rival Bulgaria’s spa, balneological and wellness tourism, with its abundance and...

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Mountain resorts

About 30% of Bulgaria is mountainous. The country’s mountains are exceptionally diverse in relief and offer abundant options for relaxation, along with sports and entertainment for tourists, since conditions are exceptionally conducive for tourism in both winter and summer. The ski season in the medium high and...

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