Fun Flight Tours by plane over Vitosha mountain and Kopitoto


Panoramic flight tour of Vitosha mountain
- Airport near Sofia - Lozen - Pancharevo - South Vitosha - Kopitoto - Vladaya - Dragichevo - Studena Dam - Iskar Dam - Airport near Sofia

Our flight will start off with a panoramic flight tour over Vitosha mountain. Vitosha is a dome-shaped mountain with highest peak Cherni Vrah (2 290 m). The mountain has a plateau-shaped wide ridge and steep slopes going down towards the Sofia Valley. On the territory of mountain is situated the Boyana Church as well. There is no other European capital in such a close proximity to a mountain. Following the panoramic view of the mountain, we will fly over the village of Lozen, located at 17.5 km away from the city of Sofia. Pancharevo will be the next village we will see from the air. It is 12 km. away from the center of Sofia. There is also located the Pancharevo lake, which was created in 1956. The flight continues with us flying over Kopitoto (The hoof). Kopitoto is a locality in Vitosha mountain, which is situated just above Sofia and is seen from almost the entire city as a peculiar peak, hence its name. There, at a height of 1345 m in 1985, Kopitoto TV Tower was built, serving Sofia and the Sofia region. In the immediate vicinity of the tower is the Kopitoto Hotel. In close proximity is situated Vladaya. Vladaya is a neighbourhood situated on the Vitosha and Lyulin mountains. The village of Dragichevo will be our next view, the village is situated on the south-western slope of the Lyulin mountain. Studena dam and Iskar dam will be our last stops on our way back to the airport near Sofia.

Advanced booking is required

Transfer from Sofia city center to an airport: 1:30 h.
Flight duration: 1h 20 min.

Prices per tourist for a 1h 20 min. flight
Price for 1 tourist - 568 euro
Price for 2 tourists - 284 euro
Price for 3 tourists - 189 euro

Transfer: 30 euro

Price includes:

- Pick up from your hotel in Sofia, transfer to the Vitosha mountain and back
- Flight itself

- In case of unexpected change in the flight or weather conditions, the flight program may change for the safety of the tourists.

If you want to learn more information about Vitosha mountain, click here.

view from Vitosha mountain

View from Vitosha mountain


Pancharevo Lake



Studena Dam

Studena Dam


Amazing view of Iskar

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