Do you know who Anna Akhmatova is?

After the death of Khan Kubrat, his five sons divided the people of Great Bulgaria. The eldest son Bayan stays on the territory of Great Bulgaria , Kotrag heads north along the river Volga, Asparuh heads south but Kuber and Alcek head west. Following the Volga River to the north, khan Kotrag reaches its left tributary...
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What Happens To The Bulgarians From Balкhara?

Аfter the  Balkhara's pogrom by Ardashir I - king of Persia,  Bulgarians left the territory of Pamir heading north. Some of them reach the present-day city of Samarkand and form the fifth Bulgarian state which existed until the 7th century AD. The big lake that defined their boundary to the east was called Balkhash. Other Bulgarians head...
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Do You Know Who Balkis Was?

Balkis is a queen mentioned in the Bible. In 1001 BC  Balkis was the woman giving  King Solomon riddles to solve . She is the  queen of Balharris, and Balharrisis the III Bulgarian state on the territory of Asia to the River Euphrates (Mesopotamia). Later, these Bulgarians headed west and settled in Egypt`s Sakar region, then...
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