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Top 10 Bulgarian dishes you have to try!

Each Bulgaria region has its own specialty dishes plus regional variations of top Bulgarian cuisine recipes. Here are 10 top Bulgarian foods you have to try. Bulgarian food is rich, hearty and delicious and many top Bulgarian dishes make great comfort food. Each region has its own speciality dishes and traditional cuisine, and your list of top 10...
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Old towns and Architectural reserves – Part II

Relax in village of Zheravna

The village of Zheravna is located in the Balkan Mountain, 12 km from the town of Kotel and 50 km from Sliven. Zheravna is an architectural reserve with well-preserved and restored Revival houses, decorated with exquisite carvings, narrow cobblestone streets and numerous fountains. 172 houses in the village have been declared monuments...
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Old towns and Architectural reserves – Part I

The Bulgarian cultural heritage has many faces and manifestations – archaeological reserves and monuments, museums, galleries, rich cultural calendar, preserved folklore and magnificent architectural monuments. The house, where Bulgarian people live, is the embodiment of their worldview, social status and practicality. Construction of houses was subject to two important requirements – safety and practicality. Many old buildings that...
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The world fame of the Bulgarian carpets

Prince Charles, Tony Blair, Mick Jagger, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands step on Bulgarian carpets

The British royal family, the visitors at 10 Downing Street, Churchill’s granddaughter, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, legendary Mick Jagger, Harry Potter, dukes and counts from major families – all they step on unique Bulgarian...
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